3" Roller Assembly-Aftermarket Version

Galbreath Hoist Rollers

  • Item Number: 521AO-AM
  • Item Description: Galbreath roller used to help with linear motion where the bearing runs along a track. Reduces rotational friction amongst hoist, as well as wheels and casters.

    Parent Parts: 386AO-AM

    3" Roller Assembly-Aftermarket Version

    Side Roller 4" Diameter 3" Wide With 2" Pin Mount - Mainframe


    Technical Description :Outside Roller 3" Wide
    Equipment Design:Roller
    Model:Most Models
    Usage Information:Container Guide Roller
    Roller Dimensions :4" Outside Diameter x 2" Inside Diameter x 3" Wide
    Bracket Dimensions:N/A
    Shaft Dimensions:N/A
    Related Components:2185W/E660/217552/386AO/38KP-300
    Weight (LBS):8