2SPHR FEL Arm Cylinder 4.5X46.0X2.5

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Garbage Truck McNeilus Cylinders :

  • Item Number: MN1465263
  • Description: McNeilus arm cylinders allow for machinery to extend out to grab material. Specifically designed for a garbage truck. **Model: Contender** **Base End Pin:** [MN1320852][1] **Rod End Pin:** [MN1320827][2] [1]: https://www.gotoparts.com/mn1320852 [2]: https://www.gotoparts.com/mn1320827 **Model: Meridian** **Base End Pin:** MN1525436 **Rod End Pin:** [MN1320827][2] [2]: https://www.gotoparts.com/mn1320827 **Model: Pacific** **Base End Pin:** MN1320854 **Rod End Pin:** [MN1320827][2] [2]: https://www.gotoparts.com/mn1320827